Dear 16 year old me…

I recently came across this skin cancer prevention/awareness PSA, thanks Hubs. I love a good PSA/marketing campaign, and this one is pretty good, but I’m not sure it’s the most effective for the goal it’s trying to achieve.

Yes, the message is clear and powerful to people like me and those a bit older, but the video even stated, this video is not going to reach it’s target audience….hows that gonna work for ya…

I learned in my social marketing class this year, that teenagers are the hardest demographic to reach. They don’t respond to guilt. They don’t respond to being taught. They don’t respond to fear or anger. They respond to themselves. They respond to their peers. Having their parent or loved one forward this on to them as a “Teaching” moment…probably isn’t going to work.
Powerful and meaningful message? Yep, you bet. Effective at reaching it’s goal of decrease skin cancer and tanning use among youngsters? Doubtful. But i’d love to be proven wrong.

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