Someone i’m not taking theater advice from…

Bill Clinton. Psht.

Bill Clinton arrives at the theatre.

In a statement released June 15, Clinton said, “What an amazing and historic night on Broadway. New York has never seen anything like Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. And I am very proud of them for not giving up, it was fabulous.”

This sounds like the speech kids get when they receive the “Most Improved Player” award. You’re still bad, but your not as bad as you were when you started.

You’re right, Broadway has never seen anything like Spider-Man… It’s never seen a way overpriced and over constructed flop orchestrated by 2 Irish rock stars, who are unable to produce the same musical magic as Elton John, which also ignored all of the signs to just close after 186 previews and walk away with some dignity…If that’s what you mean Billy, then way to be observant. Pretty sure we won’t be seeing any Spidey action at next years Tony’s….

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