Good one number 5

I enjoy a witty facebook list that analyzes our thoughts and feelings about facebook/social media. CNN put out another lovely top 10 list this morning (

I particuarly enjoyed number 5:

5. 85% of women are annoyed by their Facebook friends

For women on Facebook, friends can sometimes be irritating. In a March study conducted by Eversave, 85% admitted to having been annoyed by their Facebook friends. Of these annoyances, the most cited was “complaining all the time” (63%).

Other pet peeves included “sharing unsolicited political views” (42%) and “bragging about seemingly perfect lives” (32%).

While I’ve yet to see a similar survey focused on men, it’s probably safe to assume these feelings are universal: Our friends are a source of joy and occasional irritation.

YES PLEASE. Save the complaints about headaches and sore throats for someone who has compassion and isn’t going to roll their eyes at you like me and Liz Lemon will….

Also, enough with the workout and food updates. We.Don’t.Care.

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