I’m in a foul mood this week…and theres a good chance this will extend into the next few weeks until school is over. You’ve  been warned.

Last night my teacher kindly asked me to present my case entire week early…this is what I get for not procrastinating and having one of the only clients to start their intervention a week early. Time when being proactive isn’t good= now.

So now, I’ve lost a week on prepping for that, and on top of that I get to rewrite my first case paper, create a logic model, outline my training curriculum…in a week, and on top of that deal with SPSS assignments, a social marketing paper that is in shambles, and try and not kill the human race. I may not succeed.

Get. Me. To May!

However, I MAY have come up with a thesis project combines my love of theater and musicals and public health….now to convince my department :).

To prevent me from snapping at the world…I’m listening to satirical musicals…and eating my feelings:


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