7.5 months.

Or as theknot.com told me the other day as I was looking up registry info for the many beautiful bridey friends I have this summer…222 days since our wedding…..uh…WHAT?

222 days? As in two hundred….twenty…two??? It doesn’t even compare to the grand population, but it’s big to us at least!

We’re in a groove. It grooves to the left and to the right sometimes, but we’re groovin.

We’re learning. We’re growing. We’re compromising. We’re makin it work for us.

For some reason when I think about where we are in our marriage this song has kept poppin into my head. It’s a simple song about asking someone to help you be the best you can be…even if you think your best is already pretty great (:P)…it’s ok to let someone “show you how to let go, lower my guard, learn to be free”…and that you aren’t going to truly be your best unless you work together…and let someone whistle for ya once in awhile 🙂

That Stephen Sondheim…genius I tell ya.

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