Cop out.

Really Glee…how long and hard did you think about last nights episode? I’ma guess…all of 2 seconds.

Watching last nights episode, basically all I felt was sheer annoyance.

A. Too many Beiber songs….just gross

B. The story lines are going all over the place

C. What happened to Kurt??

D. Mr. Shu has become a waste of a character

E. More Emma please

F. Sue…at a childrens hospital…singing “this little light of mine”….cheese. I like my Sue snarky not sniffly.

G. Lack of Creativity.

Let’s expand more on bullet G. So, Rachel and Mercedes are to have a “Diva off”…I can get on board with this…when done correctly. I love me some Divas and some riffs. But, Glee failed me.

Instead of digging deep and finding a super good song that would really relate to the situation…or give the girls 2 different songs to let their inner Diva’s shine…they took an “anthemy duet” from Rent featuring a white brunette and a black lawyer lesbian and had a white brunette and a black girl sing it…phew, brain buster. They didn’t even switch the verses up…hello carbon copy. Who is the musical director for that show? Check with me first.

Stop forcing Lea Michele to be Idina Menzel. Let her be her own person. We already have an Idina Menzel…we don’t need a mini version.

I bet lotsa moms and pops out there wouldn’t be so keen on the fact that the song is basically about 2 lesbians fighting over Maureen flirting with other men… I had a good giggle over them trying to make the phrase “whose in your bed” practically inaudible…

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