Saves the snowy night (yes, by the way, I’m eating my sarcastic words…it’s snowing…a lot). But anyways, P and I are at the end of our 2 week grocery shopping trip with lotsa pasta not so much sauce, chicken, frozen pizza, and bags of rice left in the cupboard…along with many cans of soup and chef boyardee… (some might think we’re still in college…). I was trying to brainstorm what I could put together to make tonights dinner not so icky…so I googled ” recipes with whats in your cabinet”…this is literally what I googled….it was a succesful google because this amazing website came up:

You put in what’s in your cupboard. It tells you which recipes you can make with what you have or if you need to add anything to that such as herbs, etc.

This is what it came up with us for tonight:

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