I love a good behind the scenes/back stage video, but has gone above and beyond recently. Jackie Hoffman (Grandmama in Addams Family) has had a video blog for a long time to document the fun that goes on Behind the Scenes at the Addams Family musical…along with the fact that there are random showings of BeBe Neuwirth, it’s hilarious. Segments from snooping in on other actors, making fun of the “Come Fly Away” Sinatra musical, fan mail segments, griping at having to sign playbills, shamelessly plugging her CD “Live at Joes” Pub…all are great.

She’s so sarcastic and cynical at times it just makes my heart swoon. If I had known how funny and sarcastic she was when I met her in October, I probs woulda been more excited…. curses.

Anyways, if you are bored and have time for a snicker, scoot over to to see all 24 of her “Vlogs” (video blogs).

This one is from opening night:

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