For the Boys.

Attention (Married, Dating, Single and Mingling Ladies)

We all love it when the men in our lives do things that tickle our fancy such as girly movies, taking us ice skating, concerts, shows, eating leafy green food, going to starbucks, holding our purses when we go to the bathroom, etc. You get the idea. We try and do things they like such as maybe going to the driving range or something, but sometimes the boys often suck it up more than we do. We’ll, I’ve found a mini (series) solution.

I have/will continue to refuse to see really scary alien, predator, zombie movies because they give me nightmares for days and days and days. I attempted to watch the “Walking Dead” on AMC…and I only managed about 2 episodes near the end… too much going on for me. But I did try…

BUT, if you have found yourself in my position where your guy and you don’t always agree on movies/tv shows/video games etc. I’ve found something that you and him can enjoy together that can account for 20 hours of shared enjoyment on both ends:

News Graphic

Yes, they’re about war, butttttttttttt in between the fighting and the blood and the shooting and all that stuff are really great moments where the girls can latch on to the emotional relationships between the fighters. And there are really great costume moments and some lovely romantic parts between the soldiers and the ladies they come across.  Win win situation. (I’m sure my husband will come back saying this is exactly like Battlestar Galactica which I’ve been told I have to watch….I’m slow to jump on that band wagon…)

Each series comes in 10 parts so 10 hours each, so thats 20 hours of selfless of a “boy centered date” that you’ll enjoy also! Throw on some pizzas and some hamburgers or something and he’ll be singing your praises for weeks. If you can’t sacrifice the full 20 hours and can only pick one, I recommend “Band of Brothers”, I liked this one better.

Thank me later :).

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