Stew Sunday.

To thank husband for my Friday night Broadway Euphoria, I decided to make something Manly for dinner. Manly to me means Beef. Beef to me is gross, but I figured I’ve kept beef off the table for roughly 5.5 months…it’s time to give in. So, after the puppy was gone and back to it’s rightful owners (:P), I headed to the kitchen for my 2 hour Beef Stew Trial:

TastyKitchen to the rescue again:

Pete was getting anxious and grumpy from hunger around 7:30, so if it wasn’t any good, I knew it was going to be a frozen pizza kinda night. Thankfully, it was a hit… a big big hit. A moan and close your eyes in delight kinda hit. A sit back after your done with your feet kicked out and your hand over your full belly kinda hit. I even liked it….what??

Not too hard, lotsa simmering, some chopin and stirring, and that’s about it to make this delicious bowl of hearty goodness:




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  1. MP says:

    Can’t tell you how many times I made Beef Stew over the years (my dad’s DELISH recipe) and that boy turned his nose up at it…..maybe he just needed a beautiful bride to cook it for him??

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