Meet Sutton Foster………..CHECK

I’m betting theres potentially only…5…ish people who know who I’m talking about…and for those sad 5 it’s probably only because I’ve gushed and doted on her wayyyyyyyyy too much. But anyways, so last night was the big concert I originally thought I wasn’t going to, then I hated the Kennedy Center and vowed to loathe them forever, then I was going because I have a great selfless husband, and then we went….and it.was.amazing.

I got the typical pre-show nervous/excitement like I always do, but this time it was basically on a whole other level. I was still in shock that I was going to be sitting in the same room with her and that she…only she was going to be singing for about 90 minutes…How did I get so lucky??

So, the moment comes, they announce her name, and there she was in all of her super tall lanky gloriousness just as I had imagined….I may have gotten a bit teary eyed…I think it was just too much excitement…it wasn’t like my wedding day sobs of excitement because thats a level i’ll probably never achieve again because that day was just all too perfect, but they were still lil weeps of sweet Broadway dreams joy :P.

The whole show went by in a flash. I could have listened to her for hours and hours. She sung everythinggggggggg I had hoped and wished she would sing from ” Astonishing” to “Up on the Roof” to “Gimme Gimme” to ” Sunshine on my Shoulder” to even some unexpected delights such as “Anyone can Whistle”, “Being Alive”, “Once upon a time”, and more…ugh…still floating just thinking about it all. My favorite of all favorites of course was her rendition of “Show Off” from Drowsy Chaperone….I may…MAY…have always secretly thought I’d make a great Janet Van de Graff if the Drowsy Chaperone peeps ever decided to call…fat chance right? yeah, I know. She wasn’t able to sing while drinking a glass of water, or do all her fancy boy tricks, and splits, but she kept us entertained and in stitches for the whole time…mostly because she brought out her TONY…I saw Sutton Fosters personal Tony…from a far… but I still saw it….I died. It’s fine.

Enter Pimp and Ho Cup. Yes, there were a Pimp and a Ho rhinestone pair of cups in the Terrace Theatre at the Kennedy Center. In these lil cups were strokes of genius. She let the audience pick a song from the “Ho” cup filled with the greatest “Belting” songs on the stage from “Don’t rain on my parade” to ” And I’m telling you…” (These were sung from her “Big Pink Binder of the Biggest Belting Songs”… I secretly crossed my fingers it would be “Defying Gravity” (mostly because I knew P knew that song…:P)…thank you audience member who picked the song. Swoon. She groaned and pouted because I think she was secretly hoping it woulda been the Babs song… but I’m glad it wasn’t ๐Ÿ™‚

From the ballads to the quirky jazz ensembles to the Broadway hits, it was perfection from start to finish. The DC Crowd loved her. She did 3 encores… I’ve never been to a show that had legit unplanned encores…Specifically 3! The final one was the best, which included another song from the “Ho Cup” :

But, I’m not done… nope, no way. If you noticed from the title ” Meet Sutton Foster….CHECK”… I then got to MEET HER…IN THE FLESH.. The astonishing, remarkable, beautiful, insanely talented SUTTON FOSTER. I gave my Husband the Wifey Doe eyes and he graciously allowed us to stand in line for a few moments so I could meet her in person… He deserves an award for some of the musical punishments I put him through…

I had the jitters and nervs that I get before I’m about to make a big presentation, which surprised me because as Pete tried to tell me “She’s just a person…”… yes… but… she’s Sutton Foster…she madeย  feel like maybe it was ok that I was tall and a bit lanky. That my arms were not proportional to the rest of my body. That you can be a plain jane and people will still think you’re beautiful. And that it’s to make weird faces and voices because it doesn’t matter as long as people laugh at you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Soon, it was my turned. She turned and smiled at me, and I immediately turned into an awkward 15 year old. I think I said something along the lines of you ” You were lovely”, and then something about being tall or something… I don’t remember, it was probably too stupid to make sense and she’s fearful of me. Pete snapped a picture and then I said ” We’ll see you in April (aka Anything Goes)”…she smiled and laughed and she said “I know I’m so excited!”….ugh…

I coulda said so many things to make her my best friend like ” I love flip cameras too! ” (yea that woulda worked) because she pulled hers out and took video of the audience…or ” We can probably share shoes!”…yea…none of those woulda worked… but I can still dream ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, we left the Kennedy Center and I still had that ” I can’t believe that just happened” ” Im so frickin excited” headache thing going. Pete asked me on the way home why i loved her so much, what about her made her so special to me? I didn’t really have a good answer besides the fact that her “Tone” is beautiful and that she’s completely humble and not willing to be a goof even though she’s a jumbo Broadway star…And she’s tall…Tall people must unite together.

So, that was it. We headed home and I was still reeling, but time to more forward, life goes on :). We had Dominos pizza to eat and a puppy to let out :). See ya in April Sutton.

On another note:ย  I’ve finally decided that I’m not so in love with short hair anymore…time to grow it out again ๐Ÿ™‚

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