All ya’ll dedicated followers know that I had quite the experience with the Kennedy Center failing to send me an alert for ticket sales for the one night only Sutton Foster even on January14th. I mourned the loss of the opportunity, but had finally convinced myself that it was ok if I didn’t go…that I would see her in April…and that my world would keep going on…

Well, my world is still going on, but its going on with me GETTING TO GO! Thankfully, we have the Kennedy Center hook up and I have a husband who knows how to put big smiles on my face. Did the Kennedy Center follow through on their promise to alert me if more tickets came up? No, and thats just another bone I will some day pick with them, but fortunately we have a friend who volunteers at the KC and alerted us to a small number of tickets becoming available, and P money grabbed 2!!

So, me, Pete, Sutton, and my big smile have a date on Friday night at 7:30 pm.

I’m so excited I can’t think straight 🙂

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