Me no sew good.

I don’t get to listen to the Kane show every morning, it’s taking me some time to get over that, but I’m over it. I used to listen to them every morning on that horrific trek up 270 from Frederick, woof. War of Roses always helped get me past that “just hit Clarksburg 15 more miles to go” slump. But, even though I don’t get to listen to the hilarious DC trash talk anymore, I’m still tuned into the Kane family, but on a more female friendly level:

Kane’s wife Natasha has the most precious blog. She’s the type of stay at home mom I would wanna be if i ever were to become one. She’s crafty. She can sew cute outfits for cheap from JCrew inspirations and such. She takes cute photos. Her house is pretty. She’s realistic and She’s funny. I peruse this site everyday just thinking how incredibly uncrafty I am and how my only attempt at sewing has been a really poor apron from my 6th grade Home Ec class…Which was awful…

Maybe my years of maturity have made me better with a needle and thread and maybe one day I’ll get to sew cute ruffles on tshirts and make baby rompers outta tshirts….Not holding my breath on that one. So for now I’ll just keep oogling at Natashas craftyness and hope God blesses me with crafty bone at some point….

Anyone out there interested in teaching me a few things in the needle and thread department??

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  1. Lisa says:

    I have a sewing machine! We can experiment together 🙂 totally going to stalk natash now!

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