I work in DC. The city is filled with characters of all shapes and sizes, but more importantly I work next to the homeless shelter. Why is this important? Walk with me.

Now, I am completely used to being around them at this point, and most of the time, I have zero problem slipping them the change from my pocket, its helpful, its nice, I like doing it when and if I have change. They’re friendly people, they often say nice things to you to get what they want, and they tend to respect you as an individual…however..today….wasn’t one of those days.

It’s cold, the city is basically deserted because everyones out on vacation, so I’m sure its really hard on them this time of year and maybe they’re a lil bit cranky, but…being myself, a hater of all things related to spit because the sight, sound, and thought of it makes me gag…(i’m getting gaggy writing this just thinking about it), its hard to want to be generous when you hack, cough, and spit the biggest spit wad I’ve ever seen right infront of my feet as I’m about to walk by…Perhaps you’re having a rough day, perhaps you have a really nasty cold and no one will treat you, all sad things. But, I do not believe that grants you the right to hack lougies at peoples feet as they stroll by trying to make it into work…Maybe I’m wrong….I doubt it.

Let’s keep the spit to yourself and maybe whats mine in my pocket will soon become yours a lil swiftlier.

Oh city livin.

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