Christmas 2010. DONE

It’s the Monday after Christmas. That means, we’re exhausted, but happy to have had such a fun, family filled weekend. I took way too many pics (, way too many videos, and ate way too much ( i think well be eating candy, and pie, and cake for days in apt 610), but I think that’s acceptable around the holidays.

We spent Christmas eve opening presents with just us in the morning, stuffing our faces with waffles and getting up way too early. We then shuffled over to MP’s house to play with more family and baby Abby. Then it was Christmas eve service in the overflow room because so many people wanted to celebrate at MPC this year (awesome). After that, it was giggles and drinks until 2am with Derrick and AC. Christmas morning was spent with more presents, strata, and yawns from the late night before, but the day wasn’t over, it was just starting!

Off to MD to spend the day with Merch’s and Crance’s and more kiddies and bambinos and puppies. Food, food, and more food, followed by my first introduction to “Settlers of Catan”…I have until Thanksgiving of next year to figure out how to play…or else I’m in troubs.

Over yet? nope, not quite! One more fun day spent traveling back to VA to test our “Tenderjacks” restaurant with more fun family and 1 cute old pup. We got home late sunday afternoon, unpacked the car, unpacked the boxes, did laundry, and sunk into the big white sectional…bring on new years eve.

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