Run, Don’t Walk…

To buy your tickets to see “The King’s Speech”. I’ve been bugging my husband for a good long while to go see it, first it wasn’t playing in our area, so I pouted, then it wasn’t playing within 10 miles of our apartment, so we made the trek to Bethesda to see the movie, and great googaly moogaly was it WORTH IT.

This movie couldn’t lose, it had the ingredients for cinematic success lined up perfectly (unlike from what I’ve hear about “How Do You Know?”). Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter, based on a true story, about 50% of the cast of harry potter playing royal and political historical figures (think my favorite was Wormtail as Churchill….seemed to fit quite nicely)…

It was an incredibly simple story, but somehow I wasn’t bored and truly I coulda’ watched about another hour of it because the relationship between the Duke of York soon to be King George VI and Lionel Loug the speech defect specialist was both sweet, funny, and inspiring.  Helena Bonham Carter was her typical British self as she is in most of her movies, but enjoyable none the less. The Duke of York has an intense Stammering problem and apparently has tried everything under the sun, but with no success, so his lovely wife finds Lionel Loug (Rush) to try and help him one last time.

Most of the film is the back and forth between them, different tricks of the trade, emotional issues that are contributing to his stammer, yada yada its all funny and beautifully done. The main struggle for the whole film is the Duke’s intense fear of ever becoming king, and as we know from history….fear meets reality. His father dies, his brother screws up because he wants to marry a twice divorced american woman who has no awareness of the worlds distaste for her, and soon the Duke becomes King…who has to talk through a coronation and war time speeches… for someone with an intense speech stamor that is…well….hard.

Who knows where the UK would have been or what it would have become during WWII had King George VI not found Lionel Loug to give her courage and a voice…it’s hard to imagine how one simple change or one simple relationship could have changed so much.

I was fascinated by all the off set camera angles, probably because I’m a fan of them as well when it comes to taking photos and such, I believe it makes the photo more interesting, and it certainly caught my attention in this film.

I’m not doing the film justice, because I’m rambling, but I believe it’s one of the best films of the year, and at this point if Colin Firth doesn’t win each award, I’ll pout. It’s terribly hard to play someone with a stamor and not make the audience cringe each time he can’t say a word or make us so annoyed that we just get up and leave. It was amazing. Pete and I tried to do it a bit on the way home, and we failed, we sounded more like we were choking or about to gag then stamoring…we’ll leave the acting to the actors…

Anyways, enough rambling. If you can, and it’s playing in your area, run to the box office and see this movie, promise, you won’t regret it.

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