Bang Bang

Most people know, me and guns are not the best of friends. They scare me, but I married a man who loves gun, so I figured it’s wrong to hate on something I’ve never tried, so I tried it. We gathered one of our favorite newly married couples and hit the range on a frosty saturday afternoon.

I learned all about proper gun range etiquette (aka no pointing a gun at someone…at any time..), how to load the gun, how to turn the safety on and off, all that jazz. We got all lined up and started our run…and the first time I shot it…I screamed…I don’t think that was kosher, but it startled me. My arms a bit bruised from all the kick back, but after a couple of times it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t hit any of the clays…no surprise there…but at least I tried it, I can now say I have shot a shotgun 25 times…booyah.

The rest of the brave crew went back for another round, I sat out why? because A. it was cold and my hands were numb B. Even though I tried it, I didn’t love it and I didn’t want to waste more money on something I was just luke warm about and C. I like taking videos and pics much better :):

I feel no desire to rush back out and try to hit some flying orange things anytime soon, but maybe when it gets warmer I’ll change my tune…. 🙂

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