Pete and I have been watching “The Sing Off”….I personally feel poorly about my self for doing this because I am not one for the kitchy talent competitions like American Idol or America’s Got Talent, but since all of my favorite evening entertainment has decided to take their holiday breaks a bit early, we are forced to be “entertained” by Nick Lachey’s awful hosting and Nichole Scherzinger’s worthless comments for 2 hours. In general, the groups are….blah. The songs have been…predictable… And for the most parts, it’s been a love fest on this old “acapella legend” Jerry Lawson who I feel shouldn’t be allowed in the competition since he’s basically an acapella professional (one of the groups is even named after one of his hits from the 70s!!)….They wouldn’t let Rockapella on the show…why are they letting him steal all the limelight?? Not fair.

Anyways, last night was the show before the finale and the judge’s chose which songs the groups would sing…If the judges had picked the songs the whole time, the show would have been about 10 times better…Because then there may have been more performances like this ear soother from the “BackBeats”

If I cared enough to vote, they’d have mine.

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