My list.

Last night, Barbara Walters did her 10 most fascinating people of the year list…I may agree with some of them, but if I were making my “10 most fascinating people list” it would include (in no particular order):

10. Daniel Radcliffe: Riches young adult in Britain…helloooooo

9. Tina Fey: no brainer.

8. Kate Middleton (yes i agree with this one Barbara): wearing this hat makes her fascinating enough to me

7. Idina Menzel: They’re giving her her own tv show because shes awesome, nough said.

6. Colin Firth: He makes Hugh Grant look like a drugged out school boy

5. Michelle Ree: She’s been on Oprah twice in 2 months, I’d say that makes her fascinating

4. Cee Lo Green: He can take an explicit song and still make it cool enough to be on Glee:

3.  Betty White tied with Elaine Stritch: I aspire to be a combination of both of these ladies when I get nice and seasoned:

2. Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman): Best food blog, hands down

1. Oprah Winfrey (major agreement on this one): ….swoon

One Comment Add yours

  1. Pete says:

    Dang it. I lose to Oprah again! Some day I’ll be the most interesting person to you….

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