When you live in an apartment..

And you have a car without a ski rack and you want to get a christmas tree… you get creative…

Instead of putting the tree on TOP of the car like most normal individuals…why not put it in the backseat so the sappy stump comes up through the front console:

This also helps you get into the underground garage without losing the tree on top.

Being this is our first Christmas as old marrieds, we had to collect the essentials:

And when you don’t have a fire place, like we don’t, and you wonder where to hang stockings…you get creative… tv stands are just as good..

And say the tree isn’t fitting into the stand so perfectly and you need to trim some branches, but don’t have a backyard…use the porch!

When its all said and done (for now because we have to collect ornaments from the parents houses), the creativity seems slightly worth it:

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