Stay tuned for gleeful outbursts.

If you hadn’t noticed before my lil “icon” is of a section of the British flag… why you ask? Aren’t you a white east coast native with blue eyes and sparkly straight teeth? Yes, yes I am, but my personality is…I feel…too British for my own good. I adore British TV shows, I say “gobsmacked” whenever possible, I love mushy peas, and the sight of a double decker bus makes me smile, but I digress. SO, when Kate and Will finally decided to tie the knot, I was thrilled for the big Royal wedding (thankfully its the year after mine so that I don’t have to get married in their shadows). I knew that no matter the date, during the week or weekend, that I would be taking the day off to sit on my big white couch with loads of tea and scones to watch the entire affair at Westminster Abbey; being too young for the Diana and Charles nuptials, this is my royal family moment of my 20’s :).

But why am I rambling about my love of Britain an crazy Royals so much, that’s boring…well not if you are me because some cosmic connection somewhere has told them that they MUST GET MARRIED ON APRIL 29th……aka… MY BIRTHDAY!!! (the year of which shall remain unknown) BAHAHAHAHAHHA. This excites me…so very much…why? because:

A. I will never forget the day they got married…nor should my family or friends…ahem… B. now i have a legit reason to throw a british tea party birthday and

C. because they’ll always think of April 29th in a special way…and ill selfishly think that they’re thinking of me (yep I know that is completely stupid and they don’t know I exist… but i’m DREAMING HERE!!).

William and Kate

So, cheers to you Kate and Will, may we all have a joyous April 29th together :).

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