We felt like chicken tonight…

Well, not tonight, but Sunday night we did.

Sunday nights are football nights. Most of the time that means, sit with a bag of chips and salsa or nachos in front of our faces and eat mindlessly, but I figured I’d mix it up and make this BBQ Chicken Sandwiches recipe i’ve been eyeing for sometime:


Super easy, simple, an saucy just as the title says it would be!

Step 1:

Cook the chicken breasts on the stove top with a wee bit of salt and pepper an oil

Step 2:

While chickens cooking, mix together sauce

Step 3:

Prep the buns, spreading butter on one side an sprinkling yummy cheese on the other, place under the broiler until melted

Step 4:

Add sauce to cooked chicken…yum

Step 5:

Pull, slice, cut, chop

Step 6:

Add to bun, chomp and eat…grab a napkin, they’re messy!

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