Reasons why I’m like…

Liz Lemon.

I bet ya’ll thought I’ d say Sweet Dee from Always Sunny in Philadelphia because well for the most part…someone took me, made them a tid bit raunchier and put them on a tv show…Did ya’ll see this week where she wanted to take the kiddies to Broadway…yea…thats me, but anyways. I relate not only to the raunchy, inappropriate, and blunt Sweet Dee, but to my favorite nerdy highly disheveled and witty Liz Lemon…

10 reasons why I’m like Liz Lemon (starting backwards like on David Letterman):

Number 10: We both like Ham

Number 9: We’re both awkward

Number 8: We both sing to ourselves when alone in apartments

Number 7: We both muff up sentences alot because our brains move too quickly (at least thats what I tell myself…)

Number 6: We love a good eye roll

Number 5: We both love throwing parties…

Number 4: We both are ironic and sarcastic to a fault…

Number 3: Similar ideas of hard core workouts:

Number 2: I also have dreams of Oprah saying my name this way…

Number 1: We’re both “nice” ,say nerd and judgmental things and love donuts lots …

We differ in a few ways… I’d never eat a cheesy blaster, or cheese stew, I’d never dress up as princess Lea to get outta Jury duty, nor would I wear a Duane Reade bag as underwear… but sadly, we are far more alike then we are different…Why is it that all the characters on TV that I’m similar too…are…weird…inappropriate…rude…must just be an unfortunate coincidence…

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