Vets Day 10k

Today, Pete, Kelly, Mr. Goggins (Kellys dad) and I succesfully completed (although there were a few moments where I wasn’t quite sure it was going to happen) the Veterans Day 10k. We signed up…well months ago… and one would have thought that I would have run… a little bit to train and prepare myself for such athletic torture… sadly, I…being a strong procrastinator…did not…and showed up unprepared yet incredibly naive that just because I had run another 10 k…(2 years ago)…that I’ d be totally ok…


I knew I (number 323)

was in trouble when I thought I’d gone at least 2 miles and then I saw the big “1 mile” sign laughing and staring back at me…that meant that there were another 5.2 painful miles to go…woof.

The Kenyan in first place passed us (the course looped around west potomac park) at about our 1.5 mile mark…hello embarassment. Kenyan almost done, Goggin clan…well, not almost done.

Kelly (who ate this for breakfast:)

had a goal to finish under an hour, Pete and I had a goal to finish at all… Obviously if this blog post is getting written, we survived and finished in a little over and hour… I tried not to get too down in the dumps that my time wasn’t that much slower then when I trained for the last one… I think it’s time that I realize i’m not much of a runner…glutton for punishment yes, runner…no. If nothing else showed me this, it would be the 60 year old woman or the 3 80 year old men who left us in the dust…

If it weren’t for Pete singing special versions of ” Its tearin up my heart” “This is how we do it” and the Rocky theme song… I may have thrown in the towel at the 5 mile marker…

At the end of it, my hips, feet, shins, and back hurt. But we did it for a good cause, not only to not live such sedentary lifestyles but for my dear PopPop, Uncle Mike, Pete’s Uncle Tom, Grampa Goggin, Grampa Hinders and more.

We trudged to the metro, limping most of the way, but we’ll just mark it to one more fun thing the fake “Goggin/s family” has achieved together :).

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