White vs. Colored.

So, the holiday season is swiftly approaching, and soon the decorations and carols and all that fluff will start filling our every waking holiday infused moment. Being a recently married couple, this will be our very first Christmas TOGETHER where we share the same living room and Christmas tree. Exciting and thrilling yes, but this weekend started the conversation of white vs colored lights on the tree.

In this Corner White Lights (ME)









In this Corner Colored Lights (PETE)

Now, I have experienced both sets in my childhood. There have been times where our lights have been so colorful they came with a warning that we shouldn’t leave them in for too long because it may set the house on fire… We have gone through the years of multi-colored bubble lights, snow men, red tubed lights that went on the “Dr.Seuss Tree”. I tell ya, we have done it all in the Merchant household, but within the past few years Mom switched to white lights and since then it’s been GLOROIUS. All the glass ornaments on a dark green tree with white lights…class city all the way. I understand why my husband loves colored lights though, they are fun, and bring out the youthfulness of Christmas. They go with the fun hodge podge of ornaments people have collected over the years and they certainly bring character to any room. But, until we have lil pitter pattering feetsies running around the house I’m throwing my vote in for some nice classy white lights…

What’s your vote??

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sara says:

    haha! we have the same debate. i said we could do white until we had kids and then colored… not thinking through the fact that we would have like 2 Christmases without kids and 60 with them. oops!

  2. Tom "uncle Xmas" Hinders says:

    I prefer candles …. colored or white ….. with a special optical mirror system that makes them “twinkle”

    My real vote is colored………

  3. Anne Fortier says:

    Well, I have to say that we did white lights for years until the kids had a voice. Now they insist on colored lights and actually have heckled us into lighting up some kind of tinsel town Griswold scene in the front yard. I put my foot down on the outside debacle but inside, it’s colored all the way. We actually call them “rainbow” lights! There ya go! Start with white b/c everyone caves in to the colored eventually! They are festive! This year I think I will try to sell the fam on the green and red only lights….they are very Christmasy!!!!

    If you have to debate this issue, you could get two trees!!! Just sayin’!!! I like to keep the peace!

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