“in the heights, i flip the lights and start my day”

During the week, me = not a good morning person. I slump to the shower and grunt instead of forming words (sir goggin can attest to that). On weekends though, I’m up and chipper and fairly perky without much of an issue, not quite sure why that is. It’s getting worse since its dark when the annoying alarm goes off…this morning I had this song boppin in my head… I often wonder if I had people singing and boppin around me I’d wake up a bit more perkier…probably not, but it would make the day a bit more interesting.

Granted, I don’t live in Washington Heights… i dont pass fights onto the work normally….but I do relate to the strong need for coffee to get my day rollin…I wish I had the skill to make songs outta my daily morning routine…

It would probably be something along the lines of

” I wake up, grunt to the shower, sleep walk to the metro, say hi to the newspaper guy, get to work, grunt at the security guards, sit at my desk, make the oatmeal, grab the Joe, smile and away we go”

geigh. im not a good songwriter.

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