New York New York a wonderful town…

Oh how I love the city. Yes, its dirty, there are people everywhere, and everything is ridiculously expense…such as the 20 dollar grilled cheese I had for lunch…womp, but either way, I love me some NYC…. but you’ll never see me with an I heart NYC tshirt or anything…not for me, anyways, here we are:

We rolled into town via the great blue Megabus and checked into our hotel. Dropped off our stuff, ate super expensive unimpressive deli food and headed over to Central Park for our pedicab ride from Enri our turkish tour guide:

Enri took us all over the park which was great because prior to this Peter and I had only ever seen a small portion of the park on our romantic 20 minute horse and buggy ride in the freezing cold about two years ago, but now I can say i’ve seen it all!

Kevin’s Rock:

Dancing old guy:

Ballet Woman:

Bethesda Fountain, aka where Nathan Lane convinced Matthew Broderick to be a broadway producer with him…:


Strawberry Fields:

Running Track where Charlotte got her groove back in Sex in the City:

Mom and I in Central Park:

After spending about 2 hours in Central Park, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the most thrilling part of the whole trip…

Yup, 3 hours of seeing Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth in the flesh people…the flesh…and did I mention we were in the front row?? Not so great for seeing the whole picture of the show perhaps, but it was AMAZING to be that close. When the curtain opened and there they were standing I think my soul left my body and was hovering over me for a second… Nathan Lane…the king of comedic broadway and Bebe Neuwirth… Velma Kelly…in the flesh…um … WHAT?! How did this happen to me??

Anyways the show as GREAT. It was hilarious and the one liners were amazing. The story line threw me for a bit because they turned the normally dark and sarcastic Wednesday into this love sick teenager who wants to marry some preppy kid from the south…I’m not sure I bought that, but somehow they made it work and the songs were great. The sets alone stole the show, and the fact that Bebe Neuwirths dressed stayed in place was fairly incredibly; I was nervous I was going to see some Bebe side nip quite a few times… but no, thank god.

Anyways, I’ve only ever stayed at the stage door once before and that was to try and catch a glimpse of Will Ferrell after his one man show two years ago with Pete, success by the way,… But the door was right there…so we waited…and holy moly am I glad I did. My playbill is now filled with autographs from the entire cast…except Nathan (apparently he never comes out the stage door…LAME)…sigh… but it has the perfect silver signature of Bebe Neuwirth…who came out in her Chicago Bomber Jacket…swoon… A video is coming soon, promise.

Anyways, I’ve probably lost many of you at this point, but it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will NEVER forget. Bebe even waved to my mom as she drove away…I think mom got a bit giddy at that point as well… 🙂

Sunday we had lotsa time to kill until our bus left so we walked around alot, toured NBC studios where we saw the Dr.Oz set, Jimmy Fallon set, and the SNL set….there was a TGS sign leftover from the live 30 rock tapping…if only I could have taken a photo…ugh…

Grabbed cupcakes from the famous Magnolia Bakery:

Ate them in Bryan Park next to the public library:

Besides our wonderful coughawfulcough trip home on megabus which left an hour late and got us caught up in one hour of lovely traffic in Delaware and smelled of bus pee, it was a typically wonderful lotsa walking nyc weekend.

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