dos meses.

I think that means 2 months in spanish. Anywho, today= 2 month anniversary…hallelujah I’m loving this married thing. I get to hang out with my bff all the time. I get to make yum foods for him. We get to save time figuring out whose driving or whose picking up who from whose house. We don’t have to fight about what to watch on tv because we have DVR. We get to plan our lives together. We get to decorate our first “home” together. We get to bicker about things such as what type of dog to eventually hopefully someday get together. We don’t have to kick each other out at the end of the night. We get to share the same last name. We get to go to weddings and enjoy them and eat all the food and drink all the yummy drinks and dance the night away. Im anxiously awaiting to see the fun things we get to do together in month 3…

Starting off with a fun will be a fantabulous wedding weekend to watch my very best bald best friend  marry his high school sweetheart in Williamsburg this weekend. Let’s hope I don’t muff up my reading…I’m not who is a …ummm “slow reader” when nervous…so I may have to have an internal pacer to make sure I don’t muff it all up together! Anywho, Stay tuned for boatloads of pictures and what i’m sure will be another emo video to my vimeo account. 🙂

Snap shot of when he had hair and I had no sense that makeup was important:

Happy 4 day weekend people.

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