I’ve sat in a classroom for 20 years of my life…I’m used to the dynamics…the rules…how we almost always make ourselves have assigned seats even though theyre no longer required because were creatures of habit…but what I don’t understand is why….right after someone raises their hand…and before they utter what brilliant (cough…or not) thing they are going to say…they always say…”I was just going to say” or ” I just have a small comment”… WE KNOW!! That’s why you raised your hand!! Is it some sort of defense mechanism for us to not feel so bad for you if what you say is complete nonsense?? I sat in class yesterday and heard this three times in a row…we get it…you have something to say…now just get on with it!

p.s. also, those of us in the working world are unimpressed with your paper pushing internship experiences…yipee for you.

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