Cinnamony Stir Fry-liciousness

One thing that is a staple in the PGoggin world is and will always be stir fry. Whether its cooked for us by the wonderful people at Big Bowl or BD’s Mongolian grill or if we decide to get crafty and make it ourselves, we can’t get enough.

So last night, when we decided to be frugal and save “eat out night” for Friday, we decided to put the bags of frozen veggies and chicken to use!

Quick and Simple Teriyaki Cinnamon Stir Fry Goggin Style:

Step 1:

Cut Chicken. Let marinade in Teriyaki Sauce and a dash of Cinnamon.

Our favorite brand of the good stuff:

Step 2:

Move chicken bits over to the stove top and add more of the good juice and more cinnamon and let cook over medium (anything hotter and the cinnamon and sauce will get too thick too fast!).

Step 3:

Get the veggies cookin. (were lazy and use frozen ones, Im sure fresh ones are WAY better…). Pour on more sauce and another dash of cinnamon, cover and simmer.

Step 4:

While waiting for everything to cook, gaze at  purdy flowers and open a bottle of wine.

Step 5:

Mix it all together, serve, and eat.

Step 6:

Earn “cookie” points by surprising hard working husband with delectable treats for after dinner.

Nothing ground breaking or anything that would impress the Queen Stewart, but ‘tevs yo.

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