Plethora of thoughts.

1. Why do the metro “cops” let the high schoolers hang out at Gallery place all morning clogging the platforms and flooding the air with annoying laughs and cackles?

2. I say this all the time, but really, if you cant walk at a normal pace and text then step to the side….normal pace obviously means my overly fast normal walking speed…

3. Was it truly necessary for the glee producers to have the jewish afro cloud haired kid be overtly hormonal in that episode last night?? bordered on disgusting and HBO/Showtime level…

4. Does it make me an old soul if I greatly look forward to starting a new crossword and sudoku every morning…Ive gotten to the point where I grab two papers because I like them so much….I’m answering that question, yes, it makes me old. groan.

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