Dinners Ready!

Ok, I caved. Im one of those people who photographs things I cook and now I am going to post the pics here for all uninterested people to see.

…ok, I warned you.

So anyways, Pasta Alla Vodka night was a success (for me at least, Pete didn’t seem to be the biggest fan, but WHATEVER :P).  I stole the recipe from the Pioneer Woman, and I think it turned out great :P.

Hello Kitchen:


Step 1: Boil.

Step 2: Cook

Step 3: Strain

Take drink break:


Step 1: Chop up Yo Onions:

Step 2: Heat Oil and butter over medium

Step 3: Onions and Vodka Time!

Step 4: Add the Tomato Puree and Heavy Cream

Hello Orange Sauce

Step 5: Mix Together

Step 6: EAT!

So, even if Pete doesn’t like the whole ” onions in the sauce bit” I thought it was great, and I’m looking forward to trying out the Pioneer Womans Queso Dip for our friamily (friends who are my family) pot luck on Friday!

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