In the Goggin Kitchen.

Recently, i’ve found myself being mildly domestic with some success! We’ve migrated from the standard 4 meals (spaghetti, stir fry, mexican stiry fry (this is basically stir fry with taco seasoning), and frozen pizza) that Pete and I used to cook on repeat…all the time…every week…This is progress.

Last week, I cooked mini meatball sandwiches for Kelly, Betheny, and the Hubster. Last night, it was my own creation of some sort of parmesan burger where I put the cheese in the meat this equals juciest most awesome burger EVER.

We’ve served pork with my own combination marinade, asparagus (which I need to work on…who knew you had to snap them…duh) and brown sugar and cinnamon sweet potatos. We made nachos for the first super bowl sunday, enchiladas, and beyond.

And tonight, were implenting a Pasta Alla Vodka recipe from my favorite blogger chef the Pioneer Woman. (

Starting to wonder if I should be one of those people who takes food pictures…or do people find that annoying…I certainly do on facebook…specially when its something boring like chicken nuggets…big whoop.

Anyways, congratulations to me for being creative and not serving hub boring pasta or frozen pizzas everynight.

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