“The future begins with the past”

Last night, I checked off another “must see before I lose my hearing” artist, however I’m pretty sure I was in the company of people who had ALREADY lost their hearing and they still had a lovely lovely time. So, last night marked my first and hopefully not last Mary Chapin Carpenter concert at Wolf Trap. Ugh, just great. I used to play “I Am a Town” on repeat and dance in the living room on my black boombox…I think MCC was listening to my inner pleas for her to play this oldie but a goodie because I got to hear it live… hello goosebumps. Even though I was probably one of the youngest people there, I think I held a greater appreciation for the evening than the drunk groupies next to us who reeked of wine and stupidity :). Just another example of being an old soul I spose…

I even learned a bit about the person behind the music. I learned that she has a small zoo of animals on her farm in south central VA, she hates Sarah Palin, and gets in her pajamas at 6pm… I feel so close to her now.

I realized today as I was thinking back on the concert that all of my favorite MCC songs have to do with traveling or trips. I, being a big fan of traveling and road trips and weekend get-a-ways, I woulda thought I would have picked up on this before.. sometimes I’m slow:

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  1. mark says:

    post more. the world needs your wit.

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