check mark.

I have a list of goals in life…most of them revolve around shows and concerts and trips and such, but tonight I can put a check mark next to one goal of mine I’ve had for quite some time.

-See Idina Menzel sing “For Good” Live

Be still my heart. You could have blown me over I was so floored and overjoyed as I sat in my lil cushion at wolftrap…The words beautiful perfection don’t even come close. Ugh. Love.

The woman is too perfect for words, the set list, the commentary between the songs, the humor, the inappropriate jokes…all of it was wonderful.

Now I am simply even more excited to check off another one of the my goals come January when I sit as eager as a school kid to accomplish the next goal:

– See Sutton Foster in a show/concert (Pray she sings Astonishing or Up on the Roof)

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