beyond the sea.

The big week is here, moving into the new apartment!! (Not the really big week…thats only like 33 ish days away til that week). To say that i am overwhelmed and frazzled recently, would probably be an understatement, but the big move is on Wednesday. P and me got about 85% of both of our places packed in about 4 hours… which I am incredibly impressed with…now all thats left is packing the car…unloading the car…moving into the apartment…unpacking…. yada yada…

But there is a light at the end of this tunnel…by Friday, when its all unloaded and moved, I will be lounging on a beach (hidden from the sun), reading books, dippin my toes in the ocean, and not thinking about a darn thing for 5 days… heaven…

until then… i’m letting these ladies help keep me calm 😛

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