shower the people.

As the time gets closer, the events start to pick up, and this weekend was a big one! I can’t lie, i was nervous about the first bridal shower because a. i am not one to like being center of attention b. i’m uncomfortable receiving gifts from people when i dont have one in return and c. did i mention the lack of desire for being the center of attention? If a small shower of 20ish people makes me nervous, this being the bride on the wedding day thing may cause me to break out into some hives…

But anyways, I made it through and it was wonderful. An afternoon filled with family, and loved ones, and friends, and British things, and tiny cucumber sandwiches and an oatmeal tasting contest…(note: never feed your kids baby oatmeal…its sick). I managed to un-do all the bows without cutting them (aka no pre-destined babies), only one paper cut, and the thank you notes are in the mail, hallelujah.


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