rants of a metro commuter


– i walk with purpose (aka fast…i am unable to stroll), if you do not, step to the right and please walk in a straight line, i can’t be weaving and swerving around your inability to walk in a straight line.

– if you weren’t all up in my space you wouldnt step on my flip… personal space please.

-if you do choose to walk up or down the steps, pick up the pace please. until you reach the speed limit, stick to the standers on the right

-its summer, its hot, deodarant is key.

– hey tourist, theres a map in each train, please dont interrupt my solitaire game to ask me what the next stop is, its plastered all over the place and the driver shouts it 3 times… pay attention

– green arrow means go, red slash means wrong way…

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