Party Down

My roommate is basically always 10 steps ahead of the curve, and sometimes I’m right there with her and sometimes I’m playing catch up…this time I’m totally playing catch up and laughing hysterically along the way. ( I almost spelled “catch up” as “ketchup”… whoops)

Somehow or another we were watching TV and a commercial for this show called “Party Down” came on…I’d never heard of it, thought it was probably a hoax and went on my merry way…well while searching through netflix, what do I come across but Season 1 of Party Down, interest sparked. So I hit play, and within the first 10 seconds Jane Lynch’s darling mug comes across the screen in a white shirt and pink bow tie…I’m hooked. Shes in pretty good company, Derrick from Stepbrothers, the angry lesbian chick from Mean Girls, cameos from Paul Rudd and Meghan Mullally? Whats not to love?!

Whats the premise? Just a bunch of wanna be actors who are working as caterers who have a weird boss with an awful haircut who work really awful parties… for example, a senior citizen swingers party, a hoax investors dinner, and a sweet 16 party where no one shows up… awesome. Tune in.

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