Things I can’t get over…

Fun things roll into my inbox all day long, and this one rolled in just as I was embarking on a rather hectic day and it provided me the chance to sit back and figure out what things I just can’t get over:

1. To- do lists: there are 5 seperate t0-do lists in my gmail, and another 4 on post it notes on my desk… I have a “to-do list addiction

2. Oatmeal… I’ve slowly started to realize that it seeps outta my pores because I eat it so much..

3. My beautiful collection of friends and family

4. Sunroofs and Sunglasses and Flip Flop weather

5. Falling in love with a new song and playing it on repeat all day

6. The solitaire game on my ipod…when I win its so satisfying…when I lose…you can imagine the frustration

7. The feeling of accomplishment after making it to the gym

8. Red Velvet Cake

9. Awkward hand holding and bandaids

10. My almost 30 year old set of hot rollers that curl my hair better than a new set…yes I’m missing lotsa the holders but whatever, I’m keeping it til all of them stop working.

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