Celine Gods were in full force today..

So I expressed my deepest desires to see the new Celine Dion Movie few weeks ago, and just so happens the heavens and the stars and the planets all aligned where I was at tysons corner…at the movie theatre…with nothing to do for a few hours.. with another Celine adoring fan..at the exact time the ONLY showing was starting that day…if that isnt Celine fate I dont know what is…

Anywho, I LOVED IT. She is crazy, and a goof, and intensely energetic, but the woman is driven, and she seems to be so genuine and down to earth and she made me smile for 2 hours today. She also gave me a sweet escape from all the wedding talk and planning that happened this weekend! Note to self: when stressed out about planning, go to movie, this will help.

Long story short, the movie follows her on her world tour, (which I saw in DC…it was faboo), behind the scenes, and some clips from the concert, and the sweet moments she spends with her really old hubbie and long haired soft spoken boy…the renee’s. BUT, the real awesomeness comes when you get to see her passion for her singing… and there was a lot of french…and i wanna learn french… this may motivate me to get that rosetta stone once and for all..sigh.

So, fellow Celine fans…all 2 of you probably, take 2 hours and go see it….it’s either that or Shutter Island…yes Leo is pretty.. but Celine is pretty too…and she’ll make ya laugh..

I’ll probably be jamming to Celine all day tomorrow…this one really gets the noodle rollin in the morning… :P:

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