you don’t own me.

Example number 23490823049832 of why I am an old souled, kindred spirited twenty something living in VA:

The First Wive’s Club is STILL one of my favorite movies. Why? let me explain:

1. It includes Bette Midler… and if you know anything about me, you know I love me some Bette Midler movies…Beaches…Hocus Pocus…yada yada.

2. I love the whole, we were awesome friends in college with matching pearls and now we’re still friends when we are old and need each other the most…I have fun dreams of growing old with my friends from college and high school…its gonna be a fun ride (im ignoring the whole they didnt talk to each other for years thing, totally wont happen to us aslong as DMB brings us all back together once a year)

3. SJP pre sex and the city was so naive and annoying…my how she has grown…and my how she has finally removed that mole from her face. smart move.

4. Poor Diane Keaton…so nerdy and pip squeaky until she finally breaks free in the end after beating her therapist with a Nerf bat…

5. When I was younger I would play the last scene over and over again, mostly because this was prior to the itunes days when I could just download the track…woulda saved me a lot of time in front of the VCR hitting the rewind button…

6. Watching it today, I have this sneaky feeling that Heidi Montag is going to resemble a big puffy lipped Elise Elliot in the not so distant future…

7. Did I mention my love of Bette Midlers witty snarky-isms….

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