Like vs. Dislike

I’ve been on a “must catch up on Lost before season 6 starts” kick recently, so it’s kinda at the tip of my brain. It’s been given me weird dreams…and becoming a  bit of a problem. I have very strong opinions about the “people” on this show, apparently some of them are wrong (coughhatingjulietsorrypetercough), but whatever. Season 6 starts on Feb 2nd, I’m halfway through season 4…lets see if I can make it….

Characters on Lost I Dislike:

1. Kate – you’re a fugitive and the island slut, i dislike you and your “Freckles”

2.Juliet- I know I’m spose to like you, but I just don’t, you look like your should live at the north pole or something

3.Desmond- not everyone is your “brotha”, stop it.

4. Ben- this is a given, but your beady lil eyes freak me out…and you purse your lips too much…relax.

5. Claire- sometimes I think you whine too much…sometimes you’re ok…

Characters on Lost I Like:

1. Hugo- you’re rotund, witty, and make me laugh, you can stay.

2. Sawyer- your nickname giving ability is admirable

3. Charlie- he’s British…correction… he “was” British.

4. Bernard and Rose- I like cute old couples that still get along

5. Sun and Jin- he learned english for her, done and done.

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  1. Kyle says:

    When Lost is “in-season” I have at least a couple Lost-centric dreams that involve me being trapped somewhere with weird people. One of my other friends has said he does, too. I think JJ Abrams is brainwashing us all…

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