As a Christmas present (along with a lovely reindeer twig decoration thing… :P), I was give a new Daily Devotional called Solo, it’s got a groovy artsy designery cover, I dig it. The last devotional I think I tried to get through from start to finish after the Purpose Driven Life was one by Joel Osteen… I don’t think I made it past like day 15 before getting frustrated with him, surprise surprise. So since then, my desire to try another was a bit squashed, hopefully this one restores my fondness for them…

Any-who, I’m on Day 5.. (yes its January 6th, I should be on day 6, but i’m slow…) and in big bolded letters on the top of the page it reads: ” The Bread God Has Given” with an excerpt from Exodus where Moses and Aaron are giving instructions to the Israelite’s about collecting “enough” bread for them and everyone in their tent…God tries to explain to these peeps that enough bread = 2 quarts per person, apparently they disagreed, and here in begins our battle with being satisfied with enough. To me, this lil limitation is wonderful because it provides strict measurable guidelines…I wonder what God’s guidelines for “enough” diet coke would be for someone like myself….

One of the reflection bullets asks the reader to feel God’s “enoughness” in the body. Figure out where you feel it, arms, stomach, muscles, etc. and to figure out if you TRULY feel as if God has provided enough, and if this amount of “enoughness” is satisfying to you.. that’ not a big request or anything…

That feeling of enough is somewhere between still hungry and incredibly stuffed. Enoughness provides no physical feelings at all, its a state of contentment, but that state doesn’t last long, because all it takes is one more bite.. and you are  physically unable to move for the next 4 hours, reaching for the tums, and cursing the empty plate of food.

If you know me, you know I like to check things off to-do lists…not being able to say I am completely capable of being satisfied with God’s “enoughness”  and checking that one off is going to drive me wackadoo….I struggle with “enoughness”  just as much as the next person. Swaying between overindulging and under-indulging, not exactly sure where that middle ground of “enoughness” lies. Apple needs to create an iEnough that we can carry around with us, or create an iphone application that beeps at you when you’ve had “enough”, that would be helpful, but then that would still leave me incapable of truly feeling satisfied with the term “enough”.

Deep down, I know I have “enough”, heck I have more than “enough”; I am forgiven, I am loved, I am saved and one day I’ll be called home. I think I just figured out what this book is trying to tell me…CHECK.

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