small blessings = big joy

It’s already 2010. Which means I’m almost hitting that big 25, quarter of a century, large chunk of youth coming to a close, having to move up another box on those surveys..used to be the 18 to 24 box…now I’m about to hit the (gulp) 25 to 31 box….oh dear.

One of my missions for the year is to look at the small blessings on a daily basis and stop trying to focus on only the bigger moments. So today’s mini blessings ,when added together, make for one whole day filled with God’s love:

1. Warm coat and Scarf….It’s 20 degrees in DC…without these well constructed pieces of clothing, I would have become a rather large merch-cicle on the side of the road today. Thank you coat and scarf.

2. Chapstick..on blistering cold days, this lil tube of soothin lip relief is just splendid.

3. Food Court Lunchin… nothing says “everyones satisfied, now dig in while enjoying lovely convo with loved ones” like a well placed food court in a sometimes stuffy mall (coughtysons2cough)

4. My fast working heater…( seeing the ” its colder than a witches teet trend?)

5. A fiance who lets me watch small quantities of wedding shows…i would adore if this became a large quantity, but i’ll take what i can get 😛

6. Bandaids… without them, mom’s hand would still be oozing from the nasty love nibble Ben (dog) gave her tonight….

7. No traffic on a sunday night on 495S

8. New lightbulbs in bathroom…however i did enjoy the few days where our apt bathroom took us on a time warp back to those pre-electricity days…not.

9. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y… see ya next week Philly.

10. Having an awesome roommate who gets drano for that shower of ours…

Inspiration for new mission:

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